Who we are

As the FYE team, we are a balanced and double-winged (both conscientious and equipped) team consisting of Microsoft's student ambassadors and students from Turkey's most valuable universities.

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What we do

By combining artificial intelligence and human beings, we are creating a more advanced image recognition technology.

Our product

From Your Eyes is a phone application that aims to provide visually impaired users with a fast and high-quality description service through the collaboration of artificial intelligence and humans. It consists of three parts: visually impaired users, trainable AI services, and volunteers to provide descriptions. Visually impaired users can instantly take a photo or upload an image from their existing library. After the image is uploaded to the application, a draft description (Visual description) developed by artificial intelligence is sent to the visually impaired user. If the visually impaired user thinks that this draft needs to be improved, they can send it to volunteers with a single button. The volunteer who will improve the description should make a comparison between the visual and the draft, improve the draft and send it back to the visually impaired user. This completes the process. Thanks to machine learning, we aim to increase the efficiency of the first descriptions transmitted to the users with the improvements made by the volunteers on the drafts, thus minimizing the workload of the volunteer. FYE is a free assistant technology that differs from its counterparts around the world in these aspects.

Our vision

> To deliver fast and high-quality descriptions to visually impaired users.
> Train its descriptors to maintain quality.
> Training its own artificial intelligence model.
> Do data categorization.
> Sharing the categorized data with other open source or artificial intelligence companies to contribute to their development.
> Creating social impact.
> To produce holistic and detailed descriptions.
> To improve for the tenth of the STG goals.

Who are our "Descriptors"?

> Descriptors are volunteers in the app.
> They improve draft descriptions for visually impaired users.
> They are social influencers.

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